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Protester injured by police projectile, then charged for same incident claims mistreatment during preliminary hearing by Ryan Deto, PGH City Paper (05/03/21)

Common Pleas Court Judge Anthony Mariani Sued For Denying Virtual Access To Court Proceedings by Charlie Deitch, PGH Current, (03/02/21)

Allegheny County Judge Sued For Allegedly Blocking Virtual Access To Court Proceedings by An-Li Herring, 90.5 WESA.FM (03/02/21)

Lawsuit filed against Allegheny County judge Anthony Mariani for barring virtual access to courtroom by Ryan Deto, PGH City Paper (03/02/21)

Advocates fight to end cash bail; highlight important role in this year’s Allegheny County magistrate races by Ryan Deto, PGH CityPaper (01/13/2021)

Report: Racial Imbalances Persist In Allegheny County Criminal Justice System by An-Li Herring, 90.5 WESA.FM (12/03/2020)

“New report shows how disproportionately Black people in Pittsburgh are incarcerated, arrested, and confronted by police” by Hannah Lynn, PGH City Paper (12/01/2020)